Referee news: Collina teaches new offside rule

Referee news: Collina teaches new offside rule, appointments for the first Champions League round and a new referee badge.

Uefa is a bit late with a short explanation of the new interpretation on the offside rule. But it’s always good to see different people explain it. Here’s how Collina teaches new offside rule.

Appointments first matchday Champions League

Damir Skomina has gotten the best game of the Tuesday: Manchester City – Juventus Turin. Check all Tuesday’s appointments.
Bjorn Kuipers is having a great appointment with Barcelona – AS Roma. Check all Wednesday’s appointments.

Brittany referee badge

I do collect referee badges from all over the world. This week the mailman had a nice surprise again: a referee badge from Brittany in France. Merci beaucoup!

Brittany referee badge

PS: I swap foreign badges for a Dutch one. Interested? Comment or mail to

Referee news: Schwab’s red card + Scandinavian video’s

Months ago I published “Referees in the media”. I am going to pick that up with a section called “Referee news”. You’ll get the best news, video’s, articles about refereeing from other websites in a news message on my blog. First message will be about Schwab’s red card (+ 3 more reds) and I’ll share some video’s of referees at Scandinavian tournaments.

4 correct red cards

The 3rd Team has written a good analysis of last week’s red card in the qualifying games for European club competitions. I got the photo of the red card Willie Collum gave via Whatsapp. My first thought was that this must be a red card by the referee from Scotland. After watching the video I know for sure that the card for Rapid Wien’s Schwab was more than correct. He came in with a two-footed tackle and was lucky his opponent was not seriously injured. Check out all cards on the 3rd Team’s Blog.

Schwab red card

Cup Denmark referee

Have you ever considered refereeing abroad? I interviewed the referee director of the Ibercup recently and you can also check out the stories of Aled Fellowes from Wales in that same tournament. Now Cup Denmark has published a video interview with one of their referees. “A football match would not be the same without a referee”. Check out Markus’ story about refereeing at the Cup Denmark in 2015″


Referee cam at Dana Cup

The Dana Cup has introduced the referee cam during one of the games. You can exactly see what the referee sees and what he is doing. I like that idea.

Laws Of The Game changes for 2015/2016: return subs

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has published Laws Of The Game changes for 2015/2016.

Logo IFABThere are no major changes, but few things are allowed now: returning substitutes and electronic performance and tracking systems. I know many refs for example who already use tracking systems on gps-watches and the returning subs are already in use in The Netherlands on lower levels – now there are officially allowed by Fifa.

Below you can find the texts that explain the new rules a bit further.

Law 3: number of player

The first Laws Of The Game changes for 2015/2016 begin on page 17 of your rulebook. The following text is added:

Return Substitutions
The use of return substitutions is only permitted in the lowest levels (grassroots/recreational) of football, subject to the agreement of the member association concerned.

And to the substitution procedure on page 18 is added after “the substituted player takes no further part in the match”: except where return substitutions are permitted.

Reason for returning subs

“The two – year experiment with “return substitutions”, conducted by The Football Association (The FA) and the Scottish Football Association (SFA), proved very successful in amateur and recreational football. The participation level of players increased significantly. Furthermore, it stopped teams from dropping out mid-way through the season and also helped players coming back from injuries.”

Law 4: The player’s equipment

A new sub-paragraph on page 70 of the Laws of the Game:

Where electronic performance and tracking systems (EPTS) are used (subject to the agreement of the member association/competition organiser concerned):

  • they must not pose any danger to the players and/or match officials
  • information and data transmitted from the devices/systems is not permitted to be received or used in the technical area during the match.

Reason for allowing EPTS

In the official IFAB announcement is said: “Many teams and players wear EPTS devices already for training purposes in order to control and improve their performance. Subsequently, requests were made to The IFAB to permit players to wear such devices also during matches, subject to the two criteria mentioned above.”

How do you measure how much you run during a game?

If you may change one rule in football, what would it be?

Referee Mustafa Kamil Abitoglu retires with red card

Referee Mustafa Kamil Abitoglu retires as referee in Turkish football. His career ended with vanishing spray on his head and he got a red card from player Sabri.

Retirement of Mustafa Kamil Albitoglu

Referees in The Netherlands who retire get a firm handshake and maybe some flowers, but the retirement of Mustafa Kamil Abitoglu was quite different. The Turkish referee got vanishing spray on his and was lifted in the air after that by players from Caykur rizespor and Galatasaray. That were the teams he officiated during his last game on the Turkish top league.

Mustafa Kamil Abitoglu has to retire because of the retirement age of 45, which he will reach on June 15th 2015. In his last professional season he officiated also the Turkis Super Cup between Fenerbahce and Galatasaray.

Video of Mustafa Kamil Abitoglu retirement

Check out the festivities with the ref’s retirement:

How would you like to retire as a referee?

Çakir to referee UEFA Champions League final

Big referee news: Çakir to referee UEFA Champions League final between Barcelona and Bayern Munich. The game will be played in Berlin on June 6th.

Another great appointment: the Europa League final will be officiated by Martin Atkinson.

barca-champions-leagueÇakir is an experienced referee from Turkey. He has officiated 70 games in European competitions.

This season he officiated the following games in the Champions League
play-offs: Athletic Bilbao versus Napoli
Group stage: Shakhtar – Porto
Group stage: Bayern Munich – AS Roma
Round of 16: PSG – Chelsea

Uefa announced: “Çakir will be assisted by his countrymen Bahattin Duran and Tarik Ongun. The fourth official will be Jonas Eriksson from Sweden, and the two additional assistant referees, Hüseyin Göcek and Barış Şimşek, are also from Turkey. A Turkish reserve assistant referee – Mustafa Emre Eyisoy – completes the refereeing team.”

Europa League final for Atkinson

English referee Martin Atkinson will officiate the 2015 UEFA Europa League final. A great appointment for the referee from Bradford. The final will be played in Warsaw between FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk and Sevilla FC in Warsaw.

Uefa announced: “Atkinson will be assisted by compatriots Michael Mullarkey and Stephen Child. The fourth official, Pavel Královec, is from the Czech Republic, and the two additional assistant referees, Anthony Taylor and Andre Marriner, are both from England. An English reserve assistant referee – Jake Collin – completes the refereeing team.”

What do you think of these appointments?

Dutch Eredivisie referees get younger

Dutch Eredivisie referees are younger than 10 years ago. Nine of nineteen referees are under 33 years old. A decade ago only three out of twenty were that young. That’s what newspaper Volkskrant reports.

“We got a group of referees with a lot of international experience plus young talented refs who can make progress”, says referee boss Dick van Egmond to the newspaper. “That stimulates referees to get the most out of their performance and to develope themselves.”

Dutch FA wanted to get a youger group of Dutch Eredivisie referees with better help for young refs. Part of that strategy was to hire an exercise physiologist and video analyst for referees on fulltime basis.

How is that strategy paying off? Danny Makkelie was this season the youngest referee in the Champions League ever and Bjorn Kuipers officiated the Champions League final last season.

Clubs will also see more young referees on the football pitches. In 2006 there were 153 referees between 15 and 20 years old. In 2014 there were 531.

At what age did you start refereeing? I was 16!

Björn Kuipers and his team.

Björn Kuipers and his team.

Jordi Alba got hit by assistant referee

Strange situation in the Spanish Cup match: Jordi Alba got hit by assistant referee. Alba tried to get the ball and walked over the line. The assistant referee signalled for a throw-in for Atletico Madrid and the Barca player tried to walk back as soon as possible. He ran on right side of the AR, where he was pointing his flag. The AR did not notice him and lowered is flag … right on the head of Alba. The Barca player went down, but could continue the game.

Check out the game situation:

Have you ever injured a player as (assistant) referee?