Week 7 Laws of the Game Quiz 2019-2020

Week 7 Laws of the Game Quiz 2019-2020. A new quiz, so a new chance to score 5 out 5. Last week the question about the substitute was a bit tricky, as the problem was the player coming onto the field of play. For everyone: you can check the answers after each quiz on the page you arrive at when submitting the form.

Shielding vs blocking

Last week everyone was apparently a bit confused by one of the questions. Shielding the ball is something different as blocking an opponent. The LOTG mention that “if the player moves into the way of an opponent and impedes the opponent’s progress (e.g. blocks the opponent), the offence should be penalised under Law 12”. Blocking is even given as example of this type of foul.

The new quiz: week 7

Week 6 Laws of the Game Quiz 2019-2020

Week 6 Laws of the Game Quiz 2019-2020. Can you score 5 out of 5?

A quick recap of week 5. The most difficult question for you all was: The ball seems to go over the boundary line. A coach of team A stops the ball, but at the moment he touches the ball it has not completely crossed the boundary line. How does play need to be restarted?

The answer: a direct free kick. 

Did you know you can check all the answers and explanations straight after the quiz? There’s a link to the correct answers after submitting the form.

The questions of week 6