Shouting at referee 3 times per game

Shouting at referee, which player hasn’t done it? Yes, I was commenting a lot on the referee as well. Not aggressively, but I knew the rules better – at least that’s what I thought.

This season I was in a dressing room with a fellow referee who asked me: If a player moans three times at the refereeper match, do you think that is a lot or not?

Think about it and the scroll down below the picture.

Shouting at referee with megaphone

Three did not sound like a huge amount. Then he did the math for mee. 11 players + 3 substitutes, 1 coach per team. That means 30 people. If they all were shouting at the referee 3 times per game, you’ll get 90 comments. That means 1 comment per minute. The refereeing colleague then said: “What if your boss shouts at you every minute? I would hit him.”

Did you ever realise this? Think about it next week.

PS: Do you experience many moaning players during your game? How do you deal with players who argue with you?

Call off if you’r not fit enough to referee

Ever had to ask yourself the question: am I fit enough to referee a sports game? This week that question buzzed in my head. I was not sick enough to stay in bed the whole day. I could even work with a few painkillers. Yes, lots of sneezing and coughing.

It all started last Saturday in my warming-up as referee of an u15 game. The teams were doing their warming-up on another field than we should play on. I walked there, talked to the coaches about the shirt colours and then wanted to check the goal nets on the actual match field. I needed to walk underneath some ads that were placed there.

The ads behind the fans in the photo below are an example of that. The photo is made during a game earlier this season at a different location, but you’ll get the idea. The problem in the situation last weekend was that there was apparently an option for an extra row of ad boards. The boards were not there yet, but there was a horizontal metal pole where the board could be attached on. I did not see it an ran into the metal pole.

Me during a football game.

There was lots of blood, but after 10 minutes the blood flow was staunched and I could start the match right in time. I had no problems during the game. The nose got a little thick when I was back home, but as long as I did not touch it, I had no problems at all. The problems started later that week when I needed to sneeze a lot and I can tell you that’s quite painfull when your nose still hurts.

Painkillers help something, but the biggest issue is that you’re not fully concentrated and I am not physically fit. I can’t get focussed and will run out of breath after few sprints. Then I decided to call off for my game, so the FA can arrange another person to replace.

The players deserve a person that is fit enough to referee their game. And that was not me.

Have you ever called off a game because you did not feel 100% well? Or have you ever got problems during a game because you went out to officiate a game but were not fully concentrated and you lost control? Please share your experiences, so we could learn from it.

I got a Premier League badge from Howard Webb

I usually don’t get nice mail in my mailbox. It’s just bills, taxes or printed ads. This week was different. I opened the mailbox and there was an envelope with the text “By air mail”. I opened and and saw that I got a Premier League badge from Howard Webb. Fantastic!

Premier League badge from Howard Webb

Howard Webb autographed referee badge

Premier League badge from Howard Webb

I’ve interviewed Howard Webb once he went to Belgium to teach young referees. After Webb’s retirement I thought it would be nice if I could interview him for my blog – and so I asked via e-mail. I got no response on that yet, but he agreed to send me a referee badge with his autograph. So happy I got a Premier League badge from Howard Webb 🙂

I’ll send him a “thank you” e-mail and ask about the interview again. Not sure if he has time for that, but please let me know already what you want to know from him. So, what is your question for Howard Webb?

Check my badge collection.

Photo’s DHC Delft C1 – Feyenoord C1

This weekend I officiated a youth match between DHC Delft C1 – Feyenoord C1 (under 15 teams). Was it on? A member of the home club called me in the morning that there was a little bit of snow on the pitch, but temperatures were rising and snow would start to melt.

The first thing I did when I arrived at the sports park was check the pitch. The snow was indeed melting and the pitch was not icy at all. So the game was on – and the snow was already gone after the warming-up.

What criteria do you use when you check is the game field is good enough to play?

The photographer who was at my game shot some nice pics. He told me it was okay to publish them on my blog. Thanks!





Photo’s Dutch u15 National Team against Sparta

Tuesday I got a very nice game as an assistant referee during a match of the Dutch u15 National Team against Sparta Rotterdam. A friend of mine was referee during this friendly and he asked me to be one of his assistants. It’s was also nice to have my first game in a football stadium. It’s just the idea, in the end it was a game like any other. One to be focused on and try be as sharp as possible when making your calls.

The most important lesson I learned was to stay focused to the second-last opponent all the time. I’m used to do that, but still made an error in a strange situation. When there was a defender injured 20 metres from his own goal and play moved on towards the other goal, I apparently followed the third-last defender. Apparently I forgot that the injured player was still active in play as he was still on the pitch. Luckily the ball got out before I had to make an offside call while following that third-last defender.

Thanks to the ref’s dad I have some photo’s to show you from that match on my blog. Two photo’s of the Sparta stadium called “Het Kasteel” (literally: The Castle) and two from the refereeing team.

My referee season is going to start again

Referee season starts soon. Photo during summer break holiday to the Whistle Stop Pub in Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

Referee break: on holiday to the Whistle Stop Pub in Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

I enjoyed a great holiday in West-Canada during my summer break, but I must admit that I do miss refereeing now. I’m really looking forward to the start of the season. No more “whistle stop”, let’s start with the (football and) referee season!

Last weeks, I checked the online referee portal a few times a day to see if the first matches of the season were already there. This week they finally arrived. No longer a white page after logging on, I got two appointments for August. The Dutch amateur season starts with two cup rounds in August and then competition from September.

My season starts with a u19 match and the next week I got a u15 match. Really looking forward to it.

Check out 4 tips for a pre-season referee training.

Referees love football: wonderful goal in my match

Referees love football. Period. I heared some people say that referees are on the pitch to get an ego boost of being in a position to take important decisions. That’s not my case and I think I could speak for most of us referees.

Football is a wonderful sport and refereeing is nice way to be part of it. Forget what former German football player Lothar Matthaus said about refereeing. In his opinion refereeing “has nothing to do with football”.

The FA in England advertises for more referees with the question: “Love football but can’t play as much as you did?“. They want people who love the sport and that what it is refereeing all about. Or check out what Adrian Skeete, a Fifa referee from Barbados, once said on my blog: “Football and sports – and my wife of course – have always been my love of my life.”

I love it when players show their skills, make nice double passes and score wonderful goals. Last weekend I refereed a match and one of the players scored from about 40 metres with a shot in the right top corner of the goal. Just wonderful.

The man who took pictures and video’s didn’t expect it either. He started the video a bit too late, so you could only see the goal scorer’s feet. Check it out below:

Please comment: What makes refereeing beautiful for you? Why did you start refereeing?