The Referees – Onside with Carragher and Neville

The Referees – Onside with Carragher and Neville. Have you seen it already on tv? There’s a video now on DailyMotion that you should watch for sure.

The documentary gives a wonderful insight into refereeing at Premier League level.

Video of The Referees – Onside with Carragher and Neville

Here’s the documentary. Please share your thoughts about it below in the comments.

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How is it to be an MLS Referee

Ever wondered how it is to be an MLS Referee? Nice documentary from Daltonic Films with behind the scenes footage.

Do you want to become a professional referee?

Day in the life of top referee Xavier Estrada Fernandez

Day in life of Xavier Estrada Fernandez
Uefa filmed a day in the life of top referee Xavier Estrada Fernandez. He is one of the referees at the u21 European Championships being held in the Czech Republic. “We are priviliged men that we can do such a fantastic job.”

A great way to show how a referee experiences a match day. Xavier Estrada Fernandez wakes up at 7 in the morning for breakfast. He also fills out a daily questionnaire about their fitness and does a mental check on the iPad.

He and his team went to the train station and took the train to Olomouc. There he is in a private cabin where he can talk with team members about team tactics. “It’s so important to talk about that because it puts the focus on the field of play”, Xavier Estrada Fernandez says.

Xavier Estrada Fernandez arriving at the stadium

When arriving at the stadium the first thin the team does is going to the dressing room. They check the tools for the match there, like the flags and communication systems. Warming-up before the game is about half an hour. “It’s not only important for players, also for referees”

You can see the team active during the game. Xavier Estrada Fernandez: “You need good teamwork to make the match a success.”

Check out the video:

How are your match days? How long before a game do you leave your house and when are you back?

Martin Hansson documentary Rättskiparen

Cover of dvd with Martin Hansson documentary.

Wonderful Martin Hansson documentary called Rättskiparen about the Swedish top football referee. A Swedish documentary of half an hour which you should see as a football match official.

In the summer break tv section I’ll be linking to interesting refereeing documentaries. Suggestions are welcome.

So how this story goes? A description of The Documentary Network: “Top football referee Martin Hansson had a successful journey towards his vision in life, the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Then one dark night in Paris on November 18th, 2009, all hell broke loose…”

Check out his dramatic road to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The Referee | Rättskiparen [2010] from Freedom From Choice AB. on Vimeo.

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Saime Akar: How a woman from conservative southeast Turkey became a referee

The story of Saime Akar is the story of how a woman from conservative southeast Turkey became the first professional referee from her region. The 25-year-old referee is ambitious and wants to reach the Turkish Super League as a referee.

She’s working hard to achieve that in the men’s world of eastern Turkey. “I’m not afraid of the players taking me seriously or even insulting me”, she told European Journal from Deutche Welle. Saime Akar is the first licensed female referee in eastern Turkey. She was born in a town close to the Iranian border. Akar went to university and is now back in her region as gym teacher in a neighbouring city.

The documentary I embedded below shows some skeptical men in in the stands when she’s referee a 2nd Division game in her hometown. Near the eastern border of Turkey, people are very conservative and not used to women leading a football game or making decisions. In the video you’ll see a young kid who says that he’ll never allow his mother or sister to be amongst 22 men on a football pitch.

Akar is a role model for females in that part of Turkey. Not many women are out on the streets in that region. Most of them stay at home and be a housewife. A friend of her, Reyhan Bercelan, supports her. “Why shouldn’t women referee men’s matches? Ofcourse they can!”

Akar’s father never dreamed she’d be a referee one day. But as little girl she was very active. Her father never forbid her to do things men usually do. “We supported her.”

Watch the interesting documentary in English about Saime Akar.

Tom Kowal: 4 tips from an NHL referee

Watch this NHL Life Series which showcases NHL Referee Tom Kowal. “A referee’s Life” is a short documentary about a referee in the highest hockey league of the USA and Canada.

Tom Kowal tells about a flood on June 20 2013 that devastated Calgary. The so-called “Alberta floods” were so heavy, the water got 6 feet up into Kowal’s house.

There are also a few tips from Tom Kowal which are also useful for football referees.

  • Everything isn’t always black and white when you make a decision.
  • Know yourself. That will make you a better referee.
  • Have faith in your teammates – your assistant referees.
  • Support of your family in what you do is very important. Kowal says: “Players have their teammates behind them. You have your family behind you. On ice and in life.”