Match preparation for referees

Match preparation for referees. Some great examples from top referee Clément Turpin, who’ll officiate this week’s World Cup Qualifier between The Netherlands and Norway. You’ll read how a top referee prepares for a game.

Clément Turpin organises the match prepration around 4 topics. He shares his experiences in the documentary Men in the Middle by Uefa.

Clément Turpin in the Uefa documentary.
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High-intensity exercise #2

In this blog post you’ll find high-intensity exercise #2. During this month I’ll highlight a new exercises on every #FitnessFriday. In the end I’ll add the links to all related exercises, which give you an opportunity to vary.

I’ve also published an Uefa exercise before and there’s a blog post with 5 benefits of HI training, including more examples

Explanation of HI exercise #2

The exercises is pitch-based. The way it goes:

  • You start on the goal-line and run to the halfway line in 10 seconds
  • The run continues to the other goal-line in 20 seconds
  • Then you go straight back to the other side in a 20 second HI run

After the run you rest for 30 seconds and you repeat this for 10 times.

Blog plans for next 3 months

Dear readers of Dutch Referee Blog,

I’ve made some plans for the upcoming months for my blog stories. Besides the LOTG quiz on Tuesday’s and fitness tips on Friday, I’ll highlight a few specific themes each month. The topics – by request of readers – are:

  • September: preparation for your games – physically, mentally and some practical tips. Plus also with tips from professional referees on how they prepare.
  • October: Teamwork. How work optimally with your team? What do you expect from your refereeing teammates and what improves your communication.
  • November: Game management. How to manage a game? Tips from pro referees and lessons from blog readers.

For next month, I’m very curious which item you have in your referee bag. It can be something that’s crucial for you, but I also love to hear about interesting things you might not expect. Please comment below or send a message to

High intensity training exercise by Uefa

A new high intensity training exercise by Uefa. Below you’ll find the explanation of this exercise. I’ve also published an Uefa exercise before and there’s a blog post with 5 benefits of HI training, including more examples.

Explanation of the exercise

In the below image I use the term high intensity. In the UEFA explanation the HI speed is up to 95% of your speed, because you’ll work at almost your maximum speed.

  • You start near the corner flag with a run at high speed until the halfway line
  • At the halfway line you change your pace to jogging
  • You do in total 7 of these runs, as shown in the diagram.
  • On a pitch your first run ends on the sideline of the penalty area, the 2nd run on the edge of the goal area, the 3rd in the middle of the goal, and so on.
  • After the 7th run you’re at the opposite corner of the field of play.
  • Then you jog on the goal-line
  • Followed by a walk along the sideline
  • To complete 1 series, do another round as above

Duration of 1 series: approximately 13 minutes.

Rest: 4 minutes

Repetition: 2 series in total

High intensity training exercise

I am always curious what kind of high intensity exercise you do. Please comment below or share with me on Instagram or email to

Refereeing Assistance Programme

Uefa launches a Refereeing Assistance Programme twice a year. It contains clips of recent match situations. You can install this on your pc or mac and train your refereeing knowledge. In case you missed it, it’s quite interesting material to develop yourself.

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2022:1

The new Refereeing Assistance Programme of summer 2022 has been published. It’s the 2022:1 version.

Download your RAP 2022:1 (11,3GB)

Note: since 2020 versions you need the Mulppy App (pay for download). It depends on your own laptop quality and restrictions, so download and pay at own risk.

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2021:2

Thanks to a reader I can share the Assistance Programme 2021:2 and the Euro 2020 version with you. The latter is linked below.

Download your RAP 2021:2 version (8,5GB)

Refereeing Assistance Programme Euro 2020

Refereeing Assistance Programme Euro 2020 is now also published by Uefa.

Download your RAP Euro 2020 version (5,1GB).

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2021:1

There has been a new Refereeing Assistance Programme published in the summer of 2021. It’s again packed with lots of interesting match situations. Download your copy of the 2021:1 version.

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2021:1

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2020:2

The RAP is shared by Uefa again and the link circulates online. Download your copy of the 2020:2 version.

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2020:1

The Uefa has released the Refereeing Assistance Programmes 2020:1. And now it’s been shared at summer courses, whether online or at FA headquarters, I share a link I’ve seen online too. Download the 2020:1 version (for both Mac and pc).

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2019:2

You’ll find earlier versions below the image.

And to help Mac users

Some referees experience problems with installing MAC versions.

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2019:2

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2019:1

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2018:2

Thanks to my readers I got the 2018:2 Refereeing Assistance Programme 2018:2

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2018-1

2018:1 version

Thanks to readers of my blog I can present you RAP 2018-1. Please be aware the files are huge (10GB), so download via wifi.

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2017-2

Thanks to readers of my blog I can present you RAP 2017-2.

New situations from the last six months. Quite interesting for us all. Download the files and practice at home.

Some experience problems with installing MAC versions. This document might help you.

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2017-2

RAP Women’s Euro 2017

A great download with match situations from the Women’s Euro in 2017.

Refereeing Assistance Programme Women's Euro

Referee Assistance Programme 2017-1

I am trying to get the 2017-2 version for you, but can already share the first edition of 2017 with you. In a few days I hopefully also have the Women’s Euro version.

Download 2017-1 version.

(below you’ll also find older versions)

Refereeing Programme Euro 2016 in France

Refereeing Assistance Programme Uefa

Download the RAP files

Please note the files are links to WeTransfer files. Because the size is about 5 GB, make sure you have your wifi on. I personally have not tested the MAC-link, because I have a PC.

RAP Euro 2016 for PC

RAP 2016 (edition 2)

Download for PC
Download for MAC

I got these links via Arbiter Café on Twitter. Much appreciated!

How the RAP works

You can watch video’s in different categories, but will not see the correct call immediately. Make sure you think for yourself what decision you will make. Then you can click at the right bottom text, which gives you an explanation.

Good luck and enjoy!

Explanation RAP2016