Week 18 Laws of the Game Quiz 2018-2019

The new quiz is live. It’s week 18 Laws of the Game Quiz 2018-2019. How do you like the quizzes so far?

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An interesting one this week. How would you handle in the following situation? A player is in offside position at the moment of the pass in his direction. At the moment he is challenging an opponent for the ball an offence is committed against him, when a defender pulls his shirt. What does the referee decide?

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Scoring directly from a corner kick

Scoring directly from a corner kick. Is that allowed? But does the referee need to whistle? An interesting case study with AZ player Oussama Idrissi.

Idrissi scoring directly from a cornere kick


The referee gives no signal to take the corner kick.

Whistle or not?

The Laws of the Game give advice on when you whistle as referee, but a referee does not require it in all situations.

Because the following restarts are clear, the referee does NOT need to whistle to restart play from:

  • most free kicks,
  • and a goal kick,
  • corner kick,
  • throw-in
  • or dropped ball

Idrissi can take this corner kick, because waiting for a whistle is not mandatory. The AZ goal is legal.

Corner kick procedure

Just a quick recap of the corner kick procedure. The requirements are that the ball:

  • must be placed in the corner area nearest to the point where the ball passed over the goal line
  • has to be stationary and is kicked by a player of the attacking team
  • is in play when it is kicked and clearly moves; it does not need to leave the corner area

There are two other requirements are that the corner flag remains at its place and oponents must remain at least 9.15 m (10 yds) from the corner arc until the ball is in play.

That’s okay here. And can you score? “A goal may be scored directly from a corner kick, but only against the opposing

All boxes ticked. A wonderful goal that will go around the globe.

Video: scoring directly from a corner kick

Watch the video below where Idrissi is scoring directly from a corner kick. It is a great example, because it is a rare situation.

Refereeeing Assistance Programme

Uefa launches a Refereeing Assistance Programme twice a year. It contains clips of recent match situations. You can install this on your pc or mac and train your refereeing knowledge. In case you missed it, it’s quite interesting material to develop yourself.

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2018:2

Thanks to my readers I got the 2018:2 Refereeing Assistance Programme 2018:2

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2018-1

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2018:1

Thanks to readers of my blog I can present you Refereeing Assistance Programme 2018-1. Please be aware the files are huge (10GB), so download via wifi.

Some experience problems with installing MAC versions. This document might help you.

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2017-2

Thanks to readers of my blog I can present you Refereeing Assistance Programme 2017-2.

New situations from the last six months. Quite interesting for us all. Download the files and practice at home.

Some experience problems with installing MAC versions. This document might help you.

Refereeing Assistance Programme 2017-2

RAP Women’s Euro 2017

A great download with match situations from the Women’s Euro in 2017.

Refereeing Assistance Programme Women's Euro

Referee Assistance Programme 2017-1

I am trying to get the 2017-2 version for you, but can already share the first edition of 2017 with you. In a few days I hopefully also have the Women’s Euro version.

Download Refereeing Assistance Programme 2017-1.

(below you’ll also find older versions)

Refereeing Programme Euro 2016 in France

Refereeing Assistance Programme Uefa

Download the Refereeing Assistance Programme files

Please note the files are links to WeTransfer files. Because the size is about 5 GB, make sure you have your wifi on. I personally have not tested the MAC-link, because I have a PC.

RAP Euro 2016 for PC

RAP 2016 (edition 2)

Download for PC
Download for MAC

I got these links via Arbiter Café on Twitter. Much appreciated!

How the RAP works

You can watch video’s in different categories, but will not see the correct call immediately. Make sure you think for yourself what decision you will make. Then you can click at the right bottom text, which gives you an explanation.

Good luck and enjoy!

Explanation RAP2016

Different types of referee training

Different types of referee training will make you fit enough to referee. But what are the differences and how do they help you? In this blog post I’ll share 4 types of referee training sessions and the effect they will have.

Football is a sport where interval training seems the most logical way to train. The tempo of the game changes a lot, because the ball goes out or players run faster during an attack. But that doesn’t mean you should do only endurance training seassions. There is more and all are functional for you as referee.

The 4 types, from low to high-intensity, are:

  • Extensive endurance training
  • Intensive endurance training
  • Extensive interval training
  • Intensive interval training

4 types of referee training

Extensive endurance training

If you follow an extensive endurance training you train at low intensity, but usually for a longer time. Because of the duration of the training you’ll get fatigued.

I shared an example of this type of training in the pre-season fitness tips for referees.

KNVB’s refere fitness trainer says: “The effect is improvement of your basic endurance and fat burning. Your feeling during the exercises: easy breating, low intensity for muscles and low levels of sweat loss.

Intensive endurance training

The intensive endurance training is a bit quicker than the extensive endurance traning, but still no sprinting. The duration of exercises are a bit shorter and the tempo a little higher. But the idea is that you don’t have big speed differences in the exercises. So you’ll remain at a continious tempo.

KNVB’s refere fitness trainer says: “The effect is that you improve your endurance. And your feeling during the exercises: low intensity for muscles, easy breathing and average sweat loss.

Extensive interval training

Now we’re getting faster. The extensive interval training will have more sprints. If you use a heart rate monitor you’ll notices it goes up a little and the distance you’ll run are shorter.

KNVB’s refere fitness trainer says: “the effect is increased maximum performance level. And you’ll notice sore legs and heavy breathing.”

Intensive interval training

The intensive interval training is even faster than the previous type on the list. The distance is not always shorter, but speed and  heart rate is higher again. The breaks between the runs in a series are usually a bit longer.

KNVB’s refere fitness trainer says: “the effect is development of the maximum performance and speed. You’ll notice it’s very exhaustive for both breathing and muscles.”

Examples will follow during the upcoming weeks

Because the interval training sessions are at higher pace, it’s important to not repeat them too quick. KNVB’s advice is to take a recovery time of 24 hours for endurance training sessions and 72 hours for interval training sessions. But you should always listen to your own body and your own physical ability.

During the upcoming weeks you’ll get some examples of the diffeent types of referee training exercises.