Referees FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

Referees FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 are chosen. The Referees Committee has selected 27 referees and 48 assistant referees, representing 42 different countries for the final tournament in France.

    Referees FIFA Women's World Cup 2019: Esther StaubliEsther Staubli and team. Photo: Sportsfile from Uefa press release

Lets go back to September 2015, because that’s when the journey of these referees starts with this project. Congrats to all these referees who made it to France.

AFC referees

  • Kate Jacewicz (Australia)
  • Liang Qin (China)
  • Hyang Ok Ri (People’s Rupublic of Korea)
  • Yoshimi Yamashita (Japan)

Concacaf referees

  • Marie-Soleil Beaudoin (Canada)
  • Melissa Borjas (Honduras)
  • Carol Anne Chenard (Canada)
  • Ekaterina Koreleva (USA)
  • Lucila Venegas (Mexico)

CAF referees

  • Lidya Tafesse Abede (Ethiopia)
  • Gladys Lengwe (Zambia)
  • Salima Mukansanga (Rwanda)

Conmebol referees

  • Edina Alves Batista (Brazil)
  • Maria Carvajal (Chile)
  • Laura Fortunato (Argentina)
  • Claudia Umpierrez (Uruguay)

OFC referee

Anna-Marie Keighley (New Zealand)

Uefa referees

  • Jana Adamkova (Czech Republic)
  • Sandra Braz (Portugal)
  • Stephanie Frappart (France)
  • Riem Hussein (Germany)
  • Katalin Kulcsar (Hungary)
  • Kateryna Monzul (Ukraine)
  • Anastasia Pustovoytova (Russia)
  • Esther Staubli (Switzerland)
  • Bibiana Steinhaus (Germany)

All (Assistant) Referees FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

Check out all match officials (including ARs)

The 2018 Referee Quiz by Dutch Referee Blog

The 2018 Referee Quiz by Dutch Referee Blog will be organised on the 29th of December at 9.00 pm CET. You’ll have to answer questions about the Laws of the Game, but also facts about refereeing football games now and historical games.

The winner will receive signed cards by Dutch FIFA and World Cup referee Björn Kuipers plus some refereeing goodies from quiz sponsor RefereeGlobal. The winner receives also a Valkeen whistle. Prizes #2 and #3 are €25,- euros gift cards and the prize for numbers #4 and #5 is a €10,- gift card.

RefereeGlobal specializes in refereeing items for both newly and experienced referees. Based in Canada, the store is active globally and offers a large variety of good-quality products.

Logo Referee Global

It’s easy to register yourself via the form below. If you leave your e-mail address, you’ll get an e-mail notification with links to the quiz and where you can answer them. The screen/user name is needed so I’ll know after the game who has won. Please note that it will be visible for others during the game. The winner will be contacted after the quiz. Check out all rules about the quiz and claiming a prize.

Event details

Date: December 29th
Time: 9.00pm CET
Location: online

Rules and regulations

The idea is that I’ll make a live stream on for example Facebook or YouTube. You need to be able to have access to a screen with that live stream to see the questions. You will be able to submit your answers via your mobile phone (Kahoot mobile website or app).

Every referee can take part in this online referee quiz. It will be a quiz with Laws of the Game questions plus also questions about (historical) referee facts.

After the quiz, the winner will be contacted via e-mail and only their contact details are provided to RefereeGlobal as they provide the prizes for the winners. The winner has to claim the prize within three weeks after sending the e-mail and provide his/her address.

Which e-mails to expect?

You submit your e-mailaddress and user/screen name in advance so I know who to contact after winning the quiz. Participants get an e-mail with the results plus the answers as well. You’ll also receive a confirmation e-mail plus an e-mail shortly before the contest with the links to the right channels to participate. Only information of the winner will be shared with RefereeGlobal, so you’ll be able to receive the prize.

The prize

The prize of the quiz is a pair of signed cards by Björn Kuipers, similar to the example below. The other prizes (#1 Valkeen whistle, place #2 and #3 are are €25,- euros gift cards and the prize for numbers #4 and #5 is a €10,- gift card) are sponsored and provided by RefereeGlobal.

Signed cards by Bjorn Kuipers

VAR in UEFA Champions League knockout phase in 2018-2019

VAR in UEFA Champions League : it’s going to happen in the 2018-2019 season. The UEFA Executive Committee decided to use Video Assistant Referees (VAR) in the UEFA Champions League as from the round of 16 in February 2019. Because recent tests during the previous months were successful and referees have done training.

Dutch VAR behind the scenes


VAR also in Europa League and Nations League finals

In addition, the committee decided to also use VAR at the UEFA Europa League Final 2019, in the UEFA Nations Leagues Finals 2019 and in the final tournament of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship 2019. That’s what Uefa published in a statement.

“We are ready to use VAR earlier than initially planned”, says Uefa President Aleksander Čeferin. “And we are convinced that it will be beneficial for our competitions as it will provide valuable help to match officials and will allow to reduce incorrect decisions.”

All tournaments with VAR

  • 2018-2019 CL knock-out
  • 2019-2020 Champions League
  • 2018-2019 UEFA Nations League Finals – Portugal – 5 to 9 June 2019
  • UEFA Women’s EURO 2021 – England – July 2021
  • 2019-2021 UEFA Under-21 Championship final tournament – Hungary/Slovenia – June 2021
  • 2018-2019 UEFA Futsal Champions League finals – Kairat Almaty, Kazakhstan – 25 to 28 April 2019

VAR in action

Dutch referee Björn Kuipers changed a yellow card decision into a red card, because VAR intervened. Curious how that goes? Check out the communication between referee and VAR.

Week 10 Laws of the Game Quiz 2018-2019

The new quiz is there: Week 10 Laws of the Game Quiz 2018-2019. I’ve an interesting situation from this week’s CL game for you. Porto player Jesús Corona knows that he will get a one-match ban if he receives one yellow card during the game against Schalke’04. He waits very long with taking a free kick. Referee Ovidiu Hategan whistles.

Check out the quiz below.

Ovidiu Hategan shows Jesus Corona a yellow card

Week 9 Laws of the Game Quiz 2018-2019

This is week 9 of the Laws of the Game Quiz 2018-2019.

I got a lot of comments on one question in week 8. I can fully understand that a referee abandons the game if he gets hit by a player. My advice is to do so as well. This questions was just a LOTG question to see how you need to handle. Sometimes a player might try to hit you, but fails or he/she touches you barely. Some refs might feel comfortable to continue a game then and know that the answer of last week’s question applies to situations like that. In the end, it’s all up to the referee to continue or not.

Coach entering the field of play

This week a coach enters the field of play and you notice that after the goal is scored by his team. How is play restarted? Check out the full quiz below.

Coach entering field of play


Referee photo: capture the emotion of the match

A referee photo: a great way to capture the emotion of the match. Sam Christopher shares lots of refereeing photo’s on his Facebook and Instagram. “My imagery can play  a big role for referees”, he says to Dutch Referee Blog. “By shedding light to a range of behaviour that could have potentially gone unnoticed.”

Referee photographer

Referee photographer

Picking up the camera instead of the whistle

What is your role in refereeing?

I became involved with the referee community when I was 14 as I wanted to earn a little bit of extra pocket money. Since then I have been officiating for around seven years now. During this time I have officiated as both a referee and an assistant, managing some state tournaments. I started to notice that the abuse and poor spectator behaviour was becoming increasingly prominent within our community. So I decided to take a step back from picking up the flag or whistle to shed light on the experiences of our local, state and national referees.

Players fighting

Images in this blog post are taken by Sam Christopher. You can find more on his Facebook and Instagram.

Capture the emotion

What makes it so interesting to take these pictures?

Peronsally, the interest and enjoyment of taking these images comes from the ability to capture the emotion of the match. Whether it be a reaction to a decision made by the referee, or the concentration on an officials face during an intense 90 minutes. All these aspects help me to spread awareness to a wide audience of football fans, illustrating exactly what a referee goes through on a match day whether it be good or bad.

Smile referee

A smiling referee. Some good emotions there

Referee photo analyses behaviour

Another enjoyable and interesting part is being able to hold all parties accountable to there behaviour on the day. Many players and coaches will see images of themselves online. I hope that it then allows them to take a step back, and really analyse how they are behaving on match day and the impact it may have.

What do you want to show people with these referee pics?

As a referee it can be near impossible to deal with all facets of player and spectator behaviour. This is especially evident with all the things officials already have on there plate. This is where I believe my imagery can play the biggest role, shedding light to a range of behaviour that could have potentially gone unnoticed.

Player not agreeing with AR

Show what it’s like to be a referee

By taking these images and sharing them through my social media platforms, I have already started to show a broader community what really occurs on the field. This includes illustrating to many people in positions of power exactly what it’s like to be a referee. Changes are now starting to be implemented throughout our local leagues. The “enough is enough” campaign has begun to stamp down on players, coaches and spectator behaviour bringing in harsher penalties for repeat offenders.

It is my hope that as referees, we can work together to shed light on what we experience on and off the field. Not only the good, but the bad as well as the sacrifices and enjoyment that makes this game so great.

AR and coach

Images in this blog post are taken by Sam Christopher. You can find more on his Facebook and Instagram.

Coach and referee arguing