Referee news: British Columbia Soccer Referee Program

Referee news this week has an interesting insight into the British Columbia Soccer Referee Program. But you’ll also find the latest international referee appointments and more interesting reads below.

Video: British Columbia Soccer Referee Program

The appointments follow below, but first the British Columbia Referee Program. In this video below you’ll get an idea of what referees in British Columbia (Canada) do. It also shows how the local refs get support to become a better referee. Please watch the video and ask yourself: How does my RA help me? Can I give some suggestions to get help?


International referee appointments

Interesting reads

  • ‘It’s been my life’ Britain’s oldest working referee blows his final whistle aged 81 – Full story on
  • Video referee tested in Germany vs Italy game – Full story on (in English)
  • Jose Mourinho was fined , because he was putting “an additional layer of pressure” on the referee. More on BBC.

New Czech referee badges

I got myself 4 new Czech referee badges. Which do you like the most?

If you have a badge yourself to swap, please get in touch via, because I’d love to swap one.

Czech referee badges

Refereeing family

Sometimes you need to look at other sports. Here’s a BBC story of Kath Pritchard. She is a a mum-of-three who is fighting crime as a temporary superintendent with the South West Police . When she is off duty she partakes in another of her passions: refereeing rugby games. Meet the rugby referee who had to send off her own son!

A good question to ask yourself as referee: Do you officiate your games where family is involved?

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