Blog plans for next 3 months

Dear readers of Dutch Referee Blog,

I’ve made some plans for the upcoming months for my blog stories. Besides the LOTG quiz on Tuesday’s and fitness tips on Friday, I’ll highlight a few specific themes each month. The topics – by request of readers – are:

  • September: preparation for your games – physically, mentally and some practical tips. Plus also with tips from professional referees on how they prepare.
  • October: Teamwork. How work optimally with your team? What do you expect from your refereeing teammates and what improves your communication.
  • November: Game management. How to manage a game? Tips from pro referees and lessons from blog readers.

For next month, I’m very curious which item you have in your referee bag. It can be something that’s crucial for you, but I also love to hear about interesting things you might not expect. Please comment below or send a message to


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