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Björn Kuipers to referee Confederations Cup final

Björn Kuipers is appointed as referee of the Confederations Cup final between Brazil and Spain next Sunday. His assistants (as always) are Sander van Roekel en Erwin Zeinstra.

The refereeing team refereed a group stage match between Nigeria – Uruguay at the Confederations Cup. Kuipers and his assistants also officiated the Europa League final between Benfica and Chelsea. The match will start at 7pm local time on Sunday 30th of June in the Maracana-stadium of Rio de Janeiro.

Kuipers saw the Europa League final as a bonus. This is the extra bonus for Björn Kuipers. He was very happy with his refereeing this year, he said earlier this year on “I always say it is not all about me. I am the referee and the end responsibility is mine, but I never act alone. I need my team, I need everyone around me. I am very happy with my team – we have performed very well over the past year.

Stats by KNVB (Dutch FA) about the match officials:

Björn Kuipers
Referee at amateur level: 1990
FIFA-International: 2006
Number of international matches: 66

Sander van Roekel (AR)
Assistent-referee: 2003
FIFA-International: 2007
Number of international matches: 58

Erwin Zeinstra (AR)
Assistent-referee: 2005
FIFA-International: 2010
Number of international matches: 48


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