Björn Kuipers retires as referee

Björn Kuipers retires as referee. That is what KNVB has confirmed. He’ll finish his career with officiating the Johan Cruijff Schaal, the Dutch Super Cup game between Ajax and PSV.

After landing on Amsterdam airport after Euro 2020 Björn Kuipers still had doubts about continuing, but during his holidays he made the decision. “After the Euro final I got a lot of positive reactions and appreciation from all over the world”, he says to KNVB, the Dutch FA. It made him doubt. “Moreover, I am still fit and have a lot of fun.” But on vacation he made the decision. “I realised I’ve been everywhere and experienced everything. I will not get more beautiful. There’s no better moment to stop”

This means Björn Kuipers retires in the Amsterdam Arena and officiates his last game on the 7th of August.

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2018 Europa League final referee Björn Kuipers
2018 Europa League final referee Björn Kuipers. Photo by KNVB Media.

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