Referee news (6): Bjorn Kuipers book launch

Referee news of week 6. I went to the Bjorn Kuipers book launch last week. He gave a college in theatre, which gave me some awesome insights. I’ll share the tips from Bjorn in a weekly post on Thursday. These simple tips might help you become a better referee. Other news in this section are the international referee appointments, a Cadbury ad about referees and a clip of a goal that has not been seen by the refs.

Book launch

I was lucky enough to get a copy signed at the Bjorn Kuipers book launch. I got an invitation from the publisher and during the break of his college, I saw an opportunity to follow other Dutch pro referees. That’s the room where Bjorn Kuipers signed his books and I got the chance to get a signed copy there. Lucky me 🙂

Me at Bjorn Kuipers book launch

International appointments

On Tuesday Viktor Kassai from Hungary officiates the game between Paris Saint Germain and Arsenal. Other referees are:

  • Kulbakov (Basel – Ludogorets)
  • Collum (Dynamo Kyiv – Napoli)
  • Mazic (Benfica – Besiktas)
  • Hategan (Barcelona – Celtic)
  • Taylor (Bayern Munich – FC Rostov)
  • Atkinson (PSV Eindhoven – Atletico Madrid)

Check full refereeing teams and observers on The 3rd Team.

They also have Wednesday’s CL appointments and Thursday’s Europa League appointments.

Thank you, referee!

Cadbury has published an ad where players thank the referee. Always a good idea, wether you buy Cadbury or not.

Goalie’s shirt colour

I shared a pic of the Old Firm on Twitter. Most referees were fine with the light blue and dark blue of Glasgow Rangers players and goalie. What are your thoughts on the colours?

Screenshot from Celtic - Glasgow Rangers
Screenshot from Celtic – Glasgow Rangers

For me the colours are fine this way. But got an interesting remark on the tweet. Chris Knowles said: “one thing to also bear in mind is how kit looks when it gets wet. Would the GK shirt darken if it rains?!” Keep that in mind for your next games.

Japanese “goal”

Match incidents with ghost goals always start the discussion of the use of goal-line technology. This is what happend in a game from Japan recently.

Work hard

A great tip from Angela Kyriakou in an interview with my blog.

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