Big referee appointment doesn’t mean you’re there yet

A big referee appointment doesn’t mean you’re there yet, says Bjorn Kuipers in his book. The Dutch referee got an e-mail on February 15th 2014 with some good news. Awesome news I should say. He got appointed for the World Cup in Brazil.

“Dear all, CONGRATULATIONS!!”, was written in an e-mail from Massimo Busacca. One exclamation mark wasn’t enough for such a great news, announced by Fifa’s head of refereeing. He praises the appointed referees for their good work, but is also very serious in the next paragraph. The referees are not there yet after this big referee appointment. It is just a start. “Nevertheless we must continue to work diligently to reach peak technical, physical and mental condition, so we are ready to give our best starting in June 2015 in Rio de Janeiro”, wrote Busacca.

Calendar with big referee appointment

Your own referee appointment

It’s a lesson from Kuipers’ biography called Björn that applies to us all. Everyone of us can get a very nice referee appointment, like a cup final a game between the numbers one and two and so on. The appointment maybe shows the referee departement’s trust in you, but you still need to officiate that game. How are you going to prove that you deserved that game? Think about it for yourself, because it’s important that you are aware of how you approach each game. And always make sure you won’t ever think you’re there yet.

Enjoy these nice appointments and share here or via how you prepare for your biggest referee appointments.

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