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Best training session in weeks: losing your house keys

I had my best training session in weeks, but it was not deliberate. I put my house keys in my shorts pocket during a short break from work. A short run, that is what I wanted. But then I lost the keys …

Almost back home, I notice the keys are no longer in my pocket. A short run with some stretching exercises, turned into a bigger round. I run the round in the park for a second time, but without any success. I only saw bycicle keys from someone else, but not mine.

It is a great lesson to keep going, even if you don’t want to. I have to get back to my home desk that time, because work is calling.

No way I can get into my apartment.

(This is when I realise my keys aren’t there yet any more. Ran it twice and then into the city centre)

Best training session in weeks in Zuiderpark

The only option is running to my wife’s work, which is an extra few km’s from the park. Walking takes too long, so I keep going. More km’s, but still not happy with the extra distance. Got her keys and ran back home. Bought new locks, just to be sure. Although it’s not funny to lose your house keys, it’s a good lesson.

Best training session in weeks: put extra effort in

The distance is not the furthest I’ve run, although way over 10km in the end. But it is a great session and lesson in giving that extra bit of energy even if you really don’t want to. Just keep going, keep putting effort into it. A good lesson for our games, because sometimes you might think you can relax. Think you can stop or take it easy. But to get to your destination – or close to play during a game – you need to put that effort in it, even if you don’t want to.

PS: Another lesson. Always keep your keys in a pocket with a zipper when going out for a run 😉

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