Best referee stories of 2015

Businessman writes 2015 on glass wall.

Have a look at the best referee stories of 2015.

The Fifa fitness test for referees and assistants. By far the most popular story on my referee blog. A useful test for who wants to check how they physically perform and if they can keep up with the top refs.
Offside exercises for assistant referees. Ever thought how difficult it can be to judge if it’s offside? Do these tests and you’ll find out.

What it takes to become a Premier League referee. Quite popular, but then the producer restricted the area you can watch it. Not in The Netherlands, but check out if you can see it where you live.

Laws of football. It is not just blog posts that score well on my referee blog. Just a regular page with the Laws of the Game is very popular. Haven’t you got the latest copy? Download it now.

The LOTG changes for 2015/2016 season. I’m quite happy you are interested in the latest changes in the Laws of the Game. As referee you need to keep informed about the rules of football. Last season the biggest change is the use of “return subs” in lower leagues.

The decibels of popular whistles. This one is not new, but still quite interesting. Ever wondered how much noise a referee whistle makes? The blog post shows the decibels of referee whistles.

The 2015 Adidas referee kits for 2015. The new referee kits for the 2015-2016 Champions League were quite popular as well. Have you got your kit? Or do you prefer the Nike outfits?

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