Best read stories of 2016

The best read stories on Dutch Referee Blog for 2016. Enjoy them and please let me know on what you want to learn next year and I’ll try to write some interesting stories about that topic. In the next few days I’ll come up with a series on goal-setting and giving your referee career a boost. Stay tuned for that!

Best read stories of 2016

Fifa fitness tests

The best read story is the information about the Fifa fitness test for referees. I’ve published audio files on my blog that make it possible for you to train the test at home. The beeps on the audio file, which can be played on your smartphone, will let you know when you have to complete a sprint. Are you well-trained and want to test your physical ability?

I want to try the tests myself >>

Laws of the Game

The Laws of the Game are very important for every football referee. I’ve started a series of weekly LOTG quizzes and they are quite popular. Are you up-to-date with your LOTG knowledge?

Give me the latest version of the LOTG game >>

The decibels of popular whistles

What whistle do you use as referee? Ever wondered how good your signal is and what whistle suits you best?

See which whistle is the loudest >>

Full-time job as video analist for referees

Video analysing is the future for every referee. John Balvers is a full-time professional analysing video’s of referees and improving their preparation and self-reflection.

Show me how he helps referees >>

John Balvers' video lab.

7 tips to stay focused for 90 minutes

Focusing on one single match situation sounds like an easy job. There’s just one thing you have to do. But can you stay focused for 90 minutes?

Give me tips to stay focused for 90 mins >>

Yellow card for DOGSO

The Laws of the Game have been changed in 2016 and one of the biggest changes is for DOGSO offences. But do you know how to handle when a player denies an obvious goal-scoring opportunity?

I want to learn from this case study >>

Interview with Bjorn Kuipers

Bjorn Kuipers was one of the UEFA referees that was picked to officiate at Euro 2016. In this interview you’ll get an idea of how top referees prepare for big tournaments.

Show me how Kuipers prepared for Euro 2016 >>

Online tool for assistant referees

Belgian researchers produced an online tool for assistant referee. Every country can let their AR’s train with this tool to practice offside situations, which has improved their decision making.

Show me more about this tool >>

Online tool for assitant referees

Apple watch for referees

The Apple watch gives you a few options and apps to use it as a referee watch. Louis Bird tries it and he is very enthusiastic about it.

Use the Apple Watch as ref >>

Physical training for referees

The physical coach of the Dutch professional referees prepared Bjorn Kuipers for Euro 2016. But he also checks the performance of other referees at the Dutch top football levels. In an interview he stresses why physical training is so important for referees.

Let me know why physical training is important >>

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