Best read stories in 2019

Best read stories in 2020. An overview with the popular links of this year. One of the people who made history in 2019: referee Stéphanie Frappart. Check out the story about her.

Stéphanie Frappart and text best read stories of 2019

Very popular stories every year

  1. The Laws of the Game changes for 2019-2020. You can also take part in the weekly quizzes on my website and read the latest version of the Laws of the Game.
  2. The Refereeing Assistance Programme. Great clips by Uefa to practice match situations. Free download.
  3. The FIFA fitness test. The audio files of the FIFA fitness test are very useful for us referees to practice at home. Want to try them yourself? Download the fitness test files. Or have a look at the specific tests for assistant referees. And don’t forget to check the fitness playlist on YouTube (and subscribe).

Most poular new stories

  1. Historical moment in 2019: VAR disallows goal in UCL. What was your most memorable moment of the year?
  2. Single Double Single High Intensity Interval Test. Have you ever run it? Here’s how it works.
  3. The new Macron referee outfits. Are you already used to them?

What do you want to read next year?


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