Best read stories in 2018

The 10 best read stories on Dutch Referee Blog for 2018. Enjoy them and please let me know on what you want to learn next year and I’ll try to write some interesting stories about that topic.

Best read blog stories of 2018

1. World Cup 2018 referees

The most popular story was about the World Cup. Who are the match officials going to the 2018 World Cup? It was a big tournament and you wanted to know who officiated the top clashes. Check out the WC 2018 names.

2. The FIFA fitness test

Popular every year: fitness. I’ll try to share more fitness tips and schedules in 2019. Any specific tips you want?

The audio files of the FIFA fitness test are very useful for us referees to practice at home. Want to try them yourself? Download the fitness test files. Or have a look at the specific tests for assistant referees.

3. The Laws of the Game

Good to see you’ll love to read the Laws of the Game as referees and you also take part in the weekly quizzes on my website. You can also read the latest version of the Laws of the Game.

What do you want to read next year?

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4. Case study: yellow card for DOGSO

A case study about giving a yellow card after denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity. How do you handle in these situations? Check out the case study.

5.  Referee hit by fan – and what you can do in these situations

During a European game one of the assistant referees got hit by a fan. What would you do in these situations? Some tips on how to handle yourself at amateur level. Check out what to do if you got hit.

6. Case study: goalie leaves goal-line at penalty kick

It’s always interesting: how far can a goalie go at penalty kicks? Is one step in front of the line okay for you? Or are you very strict? The case study remains interesting for you.

7. Dynamic Yo-Yo test

New audio files on my website. The Dynamic Yo-Yo test is a different way to test your physical ability.

8. VAR clips from the FA Cup final

Some interesting views: the VAR clips from the FA Cup finals with behind the scenes audio. Have you ever seen this? Great to watch the FA Cup video footage.

9. Case study: why you need to raise your arm at IDFK

If you forget to raise your arm at indirect free kicks, this is what can happen. Check out the case study.

10. Case study: Wait and see technique

Another case study that was well-read. Some video clips about wait and see and your role as referee. Check out the wait and see clips.

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