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Bertolini will be the new Swiss referee boss

Carlo Bertolini will be the new Swiss referee boss. He succeeds Urs Maier, who resigned in June because he didn’t feel support from the FA in professionalising refereeing in Switzerland.

The new chief stopped his national career after last season. He was international from 1997 to 2010, when he got to retire because of Uefa’s age restrictions. “The first goal I want to achieve after the resignation of Urs Maier, is to give the top referees a certain certain security and stability again”, says Bertolini in Wednesday’s interview on the website of the Swiss FA.

He feels the pressure of making new plans pretty fast. “The season starts this weekend, so there’s not much time left.” Bertolini doens’t want to professionalise Swiss refereeing as Maier wanted. “I’m a staunched opponent of 100 percent professionalisation of refereeringen. At first, I’ve doubts if the number of mistakes will reduces if amateurs become pro’s.”

Bertolini will do this as part-time job. He also will educate young referees and he keeps his job at SwissCom.


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