Baird gets two unusual yellow cards

Baird gets two unusual yellow cards in the game of Northern Ireland against Hungary. He makes an offence, referee Cakir gives advantage. In the attack Baird makes another offence. Referee Cakir gives him a yellow card for both of the offences. Is that technically correct? What are your thoughts on it?

Check the situation here:

PS: I think the second tackle was worth a straight red. Giving that one, would have caused less problems as well.


  • ole blædel

    I think this i excellent refferee work – only thougt I had, is how he communicates the advantage at the first offence? That is where he can get in trouble. But great work in my opinion

  • Boris

    An easier and, IMO, also correct solution would have been a straight red card for violent conduct in the second situation. Quite intense tackle from behind with no chance to play the ball. Maybe not as intense as Nasri’s tackle against Neymar last season, but comparable

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      Thanks, Boris. Good point you make about making it easier. Although if you judge this as offences that should be punished both with a yellow card, it’s technically correct.

  • Andrew Charron

    Great job by Cakir. Applies advantage for a clearly reckless offense that does not further endanger others and then stops the play when a second clearly reckless offense occurs. Regardless of whether it should have been red or yellow, if it is yellow, a great application of the laws of the game and advantage.

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      Thanks for the comment, Andrew. I think he did a good job here. Might have given a better advantage signal, but indeed good application of the Laws of the Game.

  • Deryll David

    I think it shows a great piece of refereeing by one of the world best at this time! As both a worthy of a caution and he hasn’t bottled giving them both! Great communication as everyone knows why you’ve given it with the non-verbal communication!

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