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Bad day for a referee

The referee is having a bad day. What’s the first thing you think of when you read that?

A bad performance of a referee?

Or did you think about a referee being beaten up?

Just watched a video on YouTube from two kids, Sean and Ethan, who make lots of video’s. In one of them they show how a referee got beaten up. The description tells: “Referee’s (sic) have a lot of bad days, but this one was pretty bad.” Good point, kids!

It got me thinking about a bad day for a referee. Everytime you hear in the media about a referee with a bad day he has made crucial mistakes. Lee Mason for example last week, who made errors during the match between Manchester City and Liverpool. “It is fair to say Lee Mason had a pretty bad day, refereeing a top of the table clash between Man City and Liverpool”, I read on 101 Great Goals. That’s just one of the examples.

Please keep in mind that a referee who got beaten up is much worse than a wrong decision by a referee.

The video “What A Referee Sees Everyday!” of the kids:

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