Assistant referee offside exercises – 25 clips by PRO

Some great assistant referee offside exercises by PRO. Because the Professional Referee Organisation in the US and Canada wants to help referees from a distance, they published this video on their YouTube channel. 25 clips in quick succession and it’s up to you to make the right call.

Update: more clips and options by PRO 🙂

Screenshot from offside situation in clips by PRO
Screenshot from offside situation in clips by PRO

How the offside test works

The assistant referee offside exercises are difficult, but you don’t need much to take part. All you need to do is:

  • Grab a pen and paper first
  • Go to a quiet place and get focused on your role as AR
  • Be aware 25 clips follow in quick succession
  • Start the clip below and make the offside call
  • Write down your decision on the paper

If writing down takes time, you can pause the clip. Please try to don’t re-watch the clips in the first round, as you can’t in a match either.

Video with assistant referee offside exercises

Watch the clip, write down your call and share below what your score is.

And don’t forget to subscribe to the PRO YouTube channel for interesting refereeing clips.

More options to do offside tests

By popular demand PRO has shared more clips. Great way to practise.

How did you do as AR?

And how did you do as AR? I’d love to hear from you what your score was and how many calls you got correct.


  • pedro echegaray

    Its difficult from the angle we have to watch on here even for us who are referees. The only true test is in person and being directly aligned with that defender from a straight line of sight.
    Bur this video shows the public who are not referees how quickly and close the calls can be even with video help. So they need to be quiet. HaHaHa 🙂
    Have a good day Jan! Thanks for all you do

  • Mario

    I got 15 correct … all were very close calls and could have gone either way and no one would question the call. These very close ones I tend to favour the attacker ..certainly a very useful video .. and I too thank you for your dedication and continued promotion of the beautiful game

  • Jake

    This is excellent. Too excellent in fact. I only got 13/25 so it’s a good job I’m looking to progress in the middle and not on the line haha

  • MetRef

    11, although number 21 I felt the player shown as offside wasn’t affecting the play as he was running away from where the ball was played and the other player ran on to it.

    Any tips on how to watch for trailing legs, as almost all of the ones I got wrong were giving offside when it wasn’t and the majority were when it was a trailing leg, rather than the torso?

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      Difficult to train. Check out this interview. The researcher shows that experience usually helps. You’ll get to know what your moment is when you make the offside photo at the moment of the pass. If you get more understanding of how your mind works, then you’ll make better decisions.

  • Herman

    I got 17 correct, it got tougher when there were two defenders and two attackers. It would have been better to have the video on the same side of the AR as this is the direction we are used to seeing from. Nonetheless, excellent training material. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      You can change direction if you view it on MirrorTube. Just an idea.
      And I do have updated it with a link to more clips.

  • Daniel Baines

    I managed to get 21 but I agree with what’s said, these are extremely hard and some are very close. Some of these were giving the benefit of the doubt to the attacker. Not being able to use sound too makes it more difficult. Hard work but enjoyed it a lot so thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for more content like this

  • Jez C

    i got 17/25
    but without video assistance you would be hard pressed convincing the defending side that you had got the onside calls correct
    Offsides are actually physically impossible to call as it is impossible to look in 2 places at the same time – this exercise is doubly difficult as there is no sound

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