Assistant referee not being focused

What if you’re not focused as assistant referee? You’ll give multiple different signals to a referee. A video of that plus more in this week’s referee news.

But first the biggest referee news: UEFA approves goalline technology for use at Euro 2016. There will still be extra officials behind the goal line. Good idea? Read all plans here.

Proper signal by assistant referee

What is a good signal as assistant referee? At least you should not give multiple signals all at once.
The lines in this video (from 1m35) signals for foul, throw-in, corner, goal-kick and sub – all at once. How do you prevent yourself from making these mistakes? How do you stay focused?

83 year-old fan as assistant referee

Alan Halfacre was one of the 83 people in the crowd watching AFC Croydon Athletic’s game against Sevenoaks Town. And then then assistant referee hurt his knee. He was the person who replaced him. Nice lesson: You’re never too old for refereeing. Read full story in The Mirror.

What’s your opinion: when should referees quit their career?

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