Referee news (8): applications Tournaments Abroad are open

Referee news (8): some stories I missed during my holidays, but that are still worth reading. For example that the applications Tournaments Abroad are open

Applications for Tournaments Abroad open

Also good to know for you all. A foreign experiences is very useful for every referee and Tournaments Abroad can give you that as amateur referee. Applications for their tournaments are open NOW.

3 pillars of match preparation

Keith Hackett’s shares the 3 pillars of match preparation in his story on You Are The Ref. He picks these three from an interview with Collina. Just have a thought for yourself, what could they be?

Here are the 3 things mentioned in the story: knowledge of the Laws of the Game, fitness (physical preparation), football knowledge (tactical preparation).

Check out the full story.

Referee interviews in Italy

AIA President Marcello Nicchi has rejected the idea of post-match interviews for Serie A referees. “We’d only ever speak about errors…”

Full interview with the referee president.

News headlines

Refereeing team with dad and kids

A wonderful story from Wales: referee Martin Williams was officiating with his son Geraint and daughter Sian as assistant referee. Full story on Wales Online.

I interviewed two brothers who were active in the Europa League together. Check out that double interview.

Anyone in your family involved in refereeing too?



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