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Antonio Calero Cano almost at Primera Division level

Antonio Calero Cano in action. Photo provide by referee and made by Mark Welton.
Antonio Calero Cano in action. Photo provide by referee and made by Mark Welton.
There is always a way to become better as a referee. One of the things is reading interviews from other referees and see things you could use yourself. That’s why I started to reach out to referees from all over the world who have a goal to reach the top. The same applies for Antonio Calero Cano from Spain. He wanted to reach the Primera Division as a center referee and he changed is plans. He now wants te be an assistant referee at the highest level in Spain. And he’s close now, as he’s on the 2nd level.

The referee introduces himself: “My name is Antonio Calero Cano . I live in Córdoba (Spain) and I’m 36. I’m asistant referee in Segunda Division “Liga Adelante”.

How did you become a referee?
Antonio Calero Cano: “It all started by a friend on college who insisted and finally I was convinced.”

How is refeering in Córdoba?
“Andalusia is the wider region, with more teams and more referees from all over Spain. That makes the quality increase.”

When and why did you choose to be an asistant referee?
“After several attemps as a referee to ascend to the National category without success, I decided to be an assistant referee.”

You officiated in two Copa del Rey games now. Eibar-Alcorcón last season and Valladolid-Girona this season. How does it feel to be involved in Spanish Cup games?
“Copa del Rey is a special competition. Teams and fans have a special affection with it. It feels like there’s a different atmosphere.”

Assistant referee Calero Cano (2nd from left)
Assistant referee Calero Cano (2nd from left). Photo provided by referee.

Antonio Calero Cano’s goals in refereeing

You’re close to the Primera Division. When do you want to reach that and what is your ultimate goal?
“To reach Primera Division would be a dream come true. Hopefully I’ll reach it some day. It is very difficult, but I work every day to achieve it.”

How are you trying to reach your goals?
“Practicing much. The more games, the better. You have to watch all the games you can and look how the best refs do their job.”

How do you improve as an assistant referee?
“Strong training and practicing much. There are no magic recipes to improve.”

What are the best 3 tips you´ve got in your refereeing career?
“Be humble, train hard and pursue your dreams.”

Personal question for you

Have you set your goals as a referee? And are you able to change your goals if you see you can’t make a previously set goal? Good point from Antonio that he changed his goal in becoming an assistant referee in the Primera Division instead of a center ref at that level.

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