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Alex Ferguson biography on referees

Alex Ferguson biography released and the former Manchester United coach is not positive about referees – as could be expected. Below some quotes from him during the presentation of the book.

UK refereeing: Alex Ferguson not positive about it in his biography.
UK refereeing: Alex Ferguson not positive about it in his biography.
Guardian journalists were at the press conference where Alex Ferguson released his biography. They wrote: “Ferguson also, perhaps predictably, declares that there are no “really top” referees in the modern game, damning them as unfit and “as a group, not doing their job as well as they should be”.

Even with Howard Webb, Martin Atkinson and Mark Clattenburg in Uefa’s Elite Referee’s group, Ferguson is not so positive about refereeing in the UK. “We haven’t had a really top Premier League referee for a long time”, he was cited on The Guardian.

The Daily Mail says about the book: “Despite the banal choice of title — My Autobiography — this book should really be called Settling Old Scores.” Ferguson talks about David Beckham as “obsessed with his ‘celebrity status'” and about referees that “they weren’t doing their job”.

Did you read Alex Ferguson’s biography? Did you find more about referees? Let me know.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore disagreed with Alex Ferguson’s opinion about British refereeing. “No, I don’t accept the criticism,” he said on ESPN. “I don’t. We are at the leading edge of referee development. We are at the leading edge of referee fitness. We are at the leading edge around Europe in terms of what we are doing with our referees.” He stresses that UK refs are not perfect, but would never swamp them for any other group.


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