1 hour referee training

A 1 hour referee training session, again at The Hague’s referee association. Check out the other 1 hour training session there.

Do a warm-up for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure to jog yourselves war first and then do exercises to Check out tips for a proper warm-up for referees.

Or check the video with the explanation on my YouTube Channel (don’t forget to subscribe).

All exercises follow below the video.

Exercise run: the pyramid run

A nice exercise where you vary between jogging and running at a much higher speed. The explanation:

  • Jog to the 1st cone. Then to the 10th cone at 70% speed/heart rate.
  • Then jog to the 2nd cone. Again to the 10th cone at 70%. And so on until you reach the 10th cone.
  • You can vary with distance between cones. Our total distance at the pitch is 60m.

Explanation of pyramid run

Exercise 2

After a rest period of two minutes, this exercise is nice one for some sprinting.

Do 5x a 30m sprint. 

Then rest again for a few minutes.

Exercise 3

Make sure you get a cones in a round(ed) shape on your training field. The idea is: jog rounds for 3 minutes. The fitness instructor gives a signal after that and then the jogging is followed by a 30s sprint. Then you have 30s of walking. 

Repeat this 3 times.

Do a proper cooling down at the end of the training session.

Want to do another one? Check out the other 1 hour training session at my Referee Association HSV Den Haag.

Your 1 hour referee training

What does your 1 hour referee training look like? Please comment below with your ideal workout.


  • Eloane Goncalves

    Nice! I really think if you in a good form, you are so ready to take a best decision, because your brain have much more oxygen to work. Train hard is a key of a success! Every day is a good day to a run or a train!

    Congrats to your page and work!
    Best regards from Brasil!

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