Week 20 of the Laws of the Game Quiz

Great to see you’re still taking part of the Laws of the Game Quizzes in 2017. Thanks for participating. In this week’s quiz you will find two difficult questions from a day organised by my referee association last weekend. Q1 and Q 5. Please let me know how you performed on one of the social channels or as comment on this blog. Good luck!

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5 thoughts on “Week 20 of the Laws of the Game Quiz

    • Hi Marin, thanks for your message. The last one is tricky, because most referees will feel the opponent’s deserve more. The 3rd Team also wrote an interesting story DOGSO offences recently. They already mention that substitute players and team officials are more heavily punished. The rules do not mention players who are temporary off the pitch yet, but who knows if The IFAB will change that rule as well. Keep an eye open for that.

      Article on The 3rd Team >>

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