Week 15 Laws of the Game Quiz

Week 15’s Laws of the Game Quiz is here for you.

But first I’d like to mention a discussion I had about the restart of play in Week 14’s question 5.

Screenshot of Quiz week 14 question 5.

The Dutch FA (KNVB) says this is an indirect free kick. I used one of their questions for professional referees. The LOTG do actually not mention this, only throwing objects. The IFAB will publish something about this in the 2017-2018 Laws Of The Game. The decision you need to make will be: “Dismiss the substitute and award a direct free kick to the opposing team on the boundary line (or give a penalty kick if it was within the substitute’s penalty area)”. That’s good to know for you all. I’ll keep you posted about new developments.

For now: good luck with this new quiz.

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