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Coach educates pupils to respect the referee

Every referee experiences it: coaches that yell at you.

But luckily not every coach is like that. I found this video on YouTube a coach educates pupils to respect the referee. He has some wise lessons for his pupils. The bottom line: respect the referee.

Coach educates pupils respect

Here are his lessons and I hope many coaches will teach this to their pupils:

“We can’t control the opponent or the official. But we can control our reaction.”

“It’s very important to respect the referee.”

“As captain you can be respectful to the ref. If you are a captain and are disrespectful, you can get a card as well.”

“Most referees make only 1 or 2 mistakes in a game. 3 or 4 tops. An official is never going to make more mistakes than you in a game.”

“Referees are in the game because they love the game. We want to keep them in the game. Give them the respect they deserve.”

Watch full video below:


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