Challenge yourself at different levels

“Challenge yourself at different levels”, says Björn Kuipers. Did you know he is not only a referee at top level, but also a businessman. He owns a supermarket and hair salon and has sold two supermarkets as well.

Kuipers owns a salary as referee of “75.000 – 85.000 euro’s a year”, said Kuipers during a meeting where he launched his book. Although that’s quite a nice salary, it’s not his main income. The whole company he owns has made 1.4 million of profits during 2014, says Dutch magazine Quote.

Bjorn Kuipers says he needs the challenges he faces as businessman. “As top referee you need to do some things at a whole different level”, he says. “You need to be challenged at these other levels as well”.

You can be challenged at work, school, university. All of the challenges you face, will make you grow as a person. That’s something that will make you a better referee as well.

Have a good time challenging yourself 🙂

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