The Referees – Onside with Carragher and Neville

The Referees – Onside with Carragher and Neville. Have you seen it already on tv? There’s a video now on DailyMotion that you should watch for sure.

The documentary gives a wonderful insight into refereeing at Premier League level.

Video of The Referees – Onside with Carragher and Neville

Here’s the documentary. Please share your thoughts about it below in the comments.

The Referees – Onside with Carragher & Neville door paulbrooks_is

Week 34 of the Laws of the Game Quiz

How are you doing the LOTG quizzes? I got five more to come before my holidays and the summer break. Make sure you’ll test your knowledge with some important games coming up at the end of the (European) season.

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Refereeing in Ukraine: the story from Andrii Slipukha

How’s Refereeing in Ukraine? In this blog post you’ll read the interesting story of how Andrii Sliphuka (19) tries to improve as a referee and reach his goals.

But first, check out the video I found online that led to me asking Andrii some questions.

“I am Andrii and I am a referee from Kiev, Ukraine. First my game was in September 2012, so it’s fifth year for me as an official.”

How he got started? “It’s an interesting story. From 2003 till 2012 I played football in regional team. Every half of the year we had a football match between parents and their sons. And of course, we needed a referee. I officiated for the first time there and until now it is one of the most interesting things I do.”

Refereeing in Ukrain u17 championship

“I’m refereeing on a u17 championship in Ukraine. Every weekend my friends and family will know that, when they woke up, I’ll be giving a start signal on the field somewhere in the country. Refereeing means early wake-ups, about 250 now, because games are played all around my country. My career also consists of around 800 different trips, many many whistles and happiness when you know you’ve done a great job. That’s what my weekend looks like during the season.”

Andrii is refereeing in Ukraine

Academy for referees

Andrii wants to get some international experiences and help, for example via the Referee Academy by Tournaments Abroad. He is going to officiate in the Paris World Cup and get mentored there. “The academy will be very important for me, because it gives me new opportunities. It also means new places, languages and football cultures, which I want to discover. There I will hear a lot of interesting and useful information, which I prefer to use in my country and our observers will positively evaluate this.”

Gaining experience abroad

“The Paris World Cup will be my first abroad experience, but not the last this year. In 2017 I am going to visit Lisboa, Saint-Petersburg, Russia; Toronto and Montreal, Canada; Paris, France, Poland and hope that I will be choosen for elite-tournament in Prague, Czech Republic. If I do it at all, my referee and social level will grow-up and it helps me to open new opportunities around the world.

Andrii Slipukha from Kiev

Useful tips for referees

“Three the best tips, which I heard from my coach (he’s in elite group refs in my country) are:

  • each decision must be made only after really seeing it (so no guessing of what might have happened);
  • maximum use of communication skills to control the game. You will always have a time to show the card.
  • be near a moment at an optimal distance. Then the most controversial decision will be perceived more credibly.

Share your tips

Please share tips that are useful for others.

Week 33 Laws of the Game Quiz

I got lots of comments on the quizzes of the last two weeks. Quite easy, right?! That was also my idea of the test. I was able to score a 10 out of 10 score without any problems. I hope you could as well.

The question about the requirements on the kick-off will be update in the 2017-2018 season by the way. The new rules will say: “Kicker can stand in the opponents’ half at the kick-off”. Read the 2017-2018 LOTG updates.

Good luck with this week’s quiz, which is a little more difficult than the one from last week. Enjoy!

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Week 32 Laws of the Game Quiz

How did you score during last week’s quiz? That were the first five questions of the quiz Dutch amateur referees had to take. Today you’ll get the last 5 of the 10 questions.

Let me know what you think of the difficulty level of the quiz.

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How to deal with encroachment at penalty kicks

How to deal with encroachment at penalty kicks? An interesting situation in the game between Newcastle and Burton. This case study is written as educational story to show referees how to handle in particular situations based on the Laws of the Game.

The situation. Newcastle has been awarded a penalty kick. Matt Richie takes it and scores, but the referee disallows the goal. Is it correct? And how does play need to be restarted? Have a look at the situation yourself first.

The Laws of the Game

The Laws of the Game explain how a referee needs to handle. “If a player of both teams infringes the Laws of the Game, the kick is retaken.” And there’s a little addition: “unless a player commits a more serious offence (e.g. illegal feinting).” That’s not the case here, because the Newcastle player is not feinting to kick the ball after completing his the run-up.

Offence or not?

So no feinting, but do both teams make an offence?

Have you seen how many players entered the penalty area too early? It’s (almost) everybody who was visible on the tv screen.

Encroachment at penalty kicks

Correct decision for encroachment at penalty kicks

The correct decision would be to disallow the goal and order a retake of the penalty kick.

Personal question

In Uefa and Fifa games referees will tolerate a lot with encroaching players at penalty kicks. But how strict are you with encroachment at penalty kicks?

Share your thoughts below or vote on the Twitter poll.

Week 31 Laws of the Game Quiz

You probably are curious what kind of test Dutch amateur referees have to do every year. The meetings are all be held, so I can share the questions now. Quiz 31 contains the first 5 questions. Next week you can test the other 5 questions. Let me know your thoughts on the difficulty. I’d love to know. Thanks for your comment and good luck with the test.

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