Strange yellow card from Swedish second division

A strange yellow card givenby referee in the Sweedish football league match between Hammarby IF and Degerfors IF. Jan Gunnar Solli from the hometeam pulls up his shirt just as the ball touches his belly/chest. He pulls the shirt down immediately and catches the ball under his shirt. A funny moment in the last minutes of a 5-0 match. The referee whistles for a foul and books Solli.

Check out the situation. Would you give a yellow card for this as well? I posted my thoughts about the situation below the video.

There are 13 reasons in total on page 119 of Fifa’s rulebook about unsporting behaviour. The Laws of the Game say that referees can give a yellow card for unsporting behaviour under the following conditions: If a player “acts in a manner which shows a lack of respect for the game”. That is one reason from the list which the referee could use to give a player this “strange yellow card”. UPDATE: The other one might be handling. Although I thought of using an object in his hand would be a shinguard for example, but a Facebook fan mentioned that this also could be clothing. (See also comment of larbitre about this below).

For me, this is a player making a joke at the football pitch. He did not prevent the opponent of developing an attack by this action. He prevents a player from playing the ball, yes, so I’d whistle for this as a foul. No card for me in this situation, just a free kick – and a laugh of course :-)

El Shaarawy versus referee

El Shaarawy versus referee: a wonderful video of the AC Milan player. The assistant referee is blocking him from taking a corner kick, so he decides to pass the ball through the AR’s legs. Football humour, I love it :-)

The video was re-uploaded this weekend on YouTube. I’m very happy it was, because I missed this in March:

Also this weekend: a strange Laws Of the Game Question on my Facebook page. “In the 85th minute a cargo ship enters the pitch. The referee stops play and gives the captain a red card. Is he correct?”

Check the photo on my Facebook page.

“Video referee needs to decide: inside or outside box”

The video referee is not (yet) introduced in the biggest footall competitions. But Jamie Carragher wants that to change. The former Liverpool defender says that a video referee needs to decide wether a free kick is inside or outside the penalty area. “That is a massive decision”, he told on BBC’s Match of the Day.

Carragher thinks it would be a good idea when play would be stopped after a referee has decided that it was a foul. Then it would be up to the video referee to tell the center referee if the offence occured inside or outside the box. “That would be the next step for goal-line technology.”

Jamie Carragher on the video referee

The most recent match where such a situation occurred was the Spanish derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Referee Christiano Ronaldo a penalty kick, but the offence happened about 20 centimeters outside the penalty area. Ronalda scored from the spot, but ‘el Classico’ ended in a 2-3 win for Barcelona. Eventhough the Real players were very lucky in this situation, they felt the need to complain about other decision from referee Undiano Mallenco. Sergio Ramos and Christiano Ronaldo were going too far, says the Spain’s Technical Committee of Referees (CTA). The organisation has sent a complaint about it to the Spanish Football Association RFEF.

Watch the match situation with Ronaldo and the penalty kick:

Check out how goal-line technology works.

The back-pass rule: what would you decide?

The back-pass rule in football is sometimes still very difficult for players and even referees. The Laws of the Game say: “An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a goalkeeper, inside his own penalty area, commits any of the following four offences: (…) 3. touches the ball with his hands after it has been deliberately kicked to him by a team-mate.”

But it’s up to the referee to decide wether it is a deliberate back-pass. This video below (from 5:50 minutes) shows a player who touches the ball before the goalie picks it up. It’s a u21 match between Emmen and Dalen. In a Dutch group for referees someone asked what his colleagues thought about the situation. The reactions varied a lot: from “no doubt, indirect free kick because it’s a deliberate back pass” to “I’d not have whistled for a foul”.

What do you think about this situation concerning the back-pass rule? Deliberate back-pass or not?

PS: Did you notice the referee’s outfit? Then look again. Do you tuck your shirt into your shorts? I’d suggest you to do so, it looks more professional.

Tofik Bakhramov: the only referee with a statue

Tofik Bakhramov statue. Photo by Stephane Lievens / World Football Statues.

Tofik Bakhramov statue. Photo by Stephane Lievens / World Football Statues.

Tofik Bakhramov is the only referee in the world with a statue. He’s one of the 414 statues from 56 different nations in the World Football Statues Database, published on 7th of April 2014.

The website displays databases for all UK sporting statues, US baseball statues and world cricket statues, and world football statues. The bronze statue of Tofik Bakharamov is place in front of the offices at the Tofik Bakhramov Stadium.

But who is Tofik Bakhramov? He’s the linesman who famously judged England’s third goal to have crossed the line in the 1966 World Cup Final agaist West-Germany. Bakhramov (29 January 1925 – 26 March 1993) is commonly known as the Russian linesman in the United Kingdom for that (he was living in the former Sovjet Union, but is born in what now is called Azerbeijan). The referee was selected on the Fifa panel only two years before the famous World Cup final. In 1993, the stadium was named after the famous football referee Tofiq Bahramov who died in the same year.

Tofik Bakharamov stadium.

Tofik Bakharamov stadium.

According the BBC Tofik Bakhramov “is remembered in Azerbaijan as an inspirational figure who brought international attention to Azerbaijani football and refereed some of the most important matches in the former Soviet Union.”

For who’s interested in the famous situation where Tofik Bakhramov judged it was a goal for England in the extra time of the World Cup final, check the video below from 5:46 minutes.

Do you know a referee who has a street named after him? A building or foundation? Please let me know.

Guy Ramos grabs opponents balls

Guy Ramos, a Roda JC player, grabbed the crotch of his opponent Aron Johansson. The referee missed the situation in the Dutch Eredivisie match, but the camera’s in the stadium caught it (of course) on tape.

If you’d have seen it, would you give a red card for that?

Watch the video of Guy Ramos:

Is the video also available in your country? If not: below I’ve added a photo of the situation.

Guy Ramos grabs scrotch of opponent.

Guy Ramos grabs scrotch of opponent.

Photo time because Pierluigi Collina is in town

Pierluigi Collina is still a very popular referee. Many fans wanted to take a photo with him at the when he gave the lecture “The Art of Decision Making: Transform and Stay on Top of Your Game” at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM).

Pierluigi Collina says the key to being successful is adaptability. “The one who survives is not the strongest, but the one who reacts fastest and the best to change”, he said on Today Online. And added: that the best referees “are looking at change as an opportunity and not something to be afraid of.”

He also told the reporters that “the referee has less than a second to decide, and everybody knows that a referee’s job is very difficult. But everybody also forgets that and starts complaining about the referee’s decision.”

After you’ve seen the photo’s you might be interested in the video interview with Pierluigi Collina “I like referees”.

Fans with Pierluigi Collina